Love plays a fundamental role in the life of a business.

Love is a matter of perception and perception is reality. We form perceptions based on our first impressions, observations, past and current experiences, memorizations, beliefs, opinions, and stereotypes that we may hold. Perception drives people’s behaviors every day. Perception might be even more important than reality. Indeed, if someone perceives something to be true, it …

Finance is not enough for managing sustainable growth.

Most companies look at their performances and success through financial results. Financial results are important, yes, they are, but they are just results, which means they are at best a testimony of the actions taken in the past. Most people feel that finance is not enough for managing sustainable growth.

There is no growth without love.

Love plays a fundamental role in the life of a business. There is a strong link between growing revenues and love from customers. For some executives, this represents an entirely new mindset and new behaviors. It is about thinking of customers, employees, and suppliers as people, not just numbers on a balance sheet.

Short-term leads to short thinking.

The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit. Fabienne Fredrickson 🤔”Short term is the path to the dark side. Short-term leads to short thinking… short thinking leads to cutting cost 1st and only… cutting cost 1st and only leads to value cutting…” mixed from Yoda quote 😊

VIX Index: are we truly rational?

ARE PEOPLE FROM FINANCE RATIONAL❓ ✅ “Education is the fire-proofer of emotions.” – Dr. Frank CraneIn business, people working in finance have a high level of education and, according to this quote, they should be fire-proofer of emotions.🙄You have probable met people being expert at not having emotions ❎When dealing with people, remember you are not …

Emotion drives progression.

Lack of emotion causes lack of progress and lack of motivation. Tony Robbins ❤️Experience excellence means focusing on the emotional journey, should it be users #UX), customers #CX), employees #EX) 🔝Functional excellence means focusing on a specific domain of excellence, like manufacturing, logistics, procurement, sales. Most of the time it’s a Silo approach. ⚙Process excellence is all about …

Every transformation begins with doubts.

Nothing interesting starts with knowing, every revolution begins with doubts. Beau Lotto 🧐Humble leadership opens the way to navigate through uncertainty and unleashes teams’ creativity. 📢I recently had a discussion with a CFO of a major international consulting and audit company, he told me: “I feel our organization is still too much pyramidal, ideas are …

It is all about balance

Leading yourself, your teams… is all about balancing complexity and maturity. 🤩 Think BIG🐥 Start SMALL↗️ MOVE on the 45° line Many transformation projects are aiming for a high level of complexity neglecting the organization’s maturity.

Time makes the difference.

🤔 In the short term, the difference between the 3 types is not visible…🤓 If you keep your eyes OPENED long enough the difference will be quite enormous…

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